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      Heaters Unlimited is the easiest and most convenient way to shop for garage heaters, shop heaters, construction heaters, space heaters, propane heaters, natural gas heaters, kersosene heaters, wall furnaces, fireplaces, portable air conditioners, RV heaters, camping heaters, outdoor heaters, patio heaters, tube heaters, portable heaters, electric heaters, infra-red heaters, vent free heaters, room heaters, space heaters, wall furnaces and more.

      As you shop, you'll see the most popular and most commonly asked for heaters and appliances from the industry's most respected brand names including Superior Radiant, IR Energy, Rinnai, Enerco, Mr. Heater, Heat Wave, Heatstar, Fostoria, TPI, Chromalox, Eskabe and others.

      Each heater we show includes a complete description including size, heat output and technical specifications to help you order just the right product for your needs and do it right the first time.

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