Enerco Model 4040 (spark pilot) infra-red heater

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Enerco Model 4040 (spark pilot) infra-red heater

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Enerco 4040 series gas infra-red heaters are designed to heat high bay buildings where warm air heating is annoyingly drafty and prohibitively expensive. In fact, Enerco heaters can show fuel savings of 50% or more compared to warm air systems (unit heaters) while dramatically enhancing creature comfort.

How does infra-red work?

Like the sun, Enerco infra-red heaters release infra-red wave energy, which converts to heat when absorbed by objects in its path. In high bay buildings you can expect floors, people, machinery and other objects to become warm as they absorb and store the radiant energy. Once heated, the surrounding air becomes warm. And because there are no moving parts, Enerco heaters are quiet, draft free and routine maintenance is virtually eliminated.

Design of an infra-red system suitable for your building can be as simple as placing a heater or two over a work station, assembly line, entryway, service counter or any other place people are stationed or where freeze control is needed. Multiple heaters can also be strategically positioned for a total building heat scenario. We are available to assist in design and sizing for your particular needs.

Applications include:

Aircraft Hangars
Manufacturing Plants
Farm Buildings
Horse Stables
Auto Service Garages
and many more


- Clean Burning.
- Spark Pilot Ignition - requires electrical service for ignition. Multiple units can be controlled on one thermostat (not supplied).
- 40,000 BTUH input. Comes with an extra gas orifice to convert down to 30,000 BTUH if less heat is desired.
- Easy to install. Suspend with chain and "S" hooks.
- Mounting position: Horizontal up to 45 degree angle.

Total Dimensions:

Length: 30 1/4"
Width: 19 1/4"
Height: 12"
Weight: 25 lbs.

NOTE: Note for residential use. For commercial use only. Because this heater is vent free, supplemental building ventilation may be required. 4 CFM per 1000 BTU input and 1 sq. inch of free outside air per 1000 BTU input is typical in most areas. Consult your local building official for code requirements. When spot heating within a larger structure, products of combustion (mainly C02 and H20) are normally dissipated without the need for additional ventilation.

To ensure safe operation, we recommend the use of a qualified licensed heating professional for installation of this appliance. If you have questions or need our assistance, we can be reached at 800-566-6893.

This heater normally ships in 3 days via UPS unless otherwise notified.

For electric infrared heating options, please visit www.infraredinfo.com

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Enerco Model 4040 (spark pilot) gas infra-red heater

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