ERXL 30 Foot Gas Radiant Tube Heater (FREE SHIPPING!)

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ERXL 30 Foot Gas Radiant Tube Heater (FREE SHIPPING!)

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Finally, you can purchase gas infrared tube heaters conveniently online!

Heatstar ERXL series infrared radiant tube heaters are designed with ease of installation and optimum performance. Here at Heaters Unlimited.com we have the expertise to provide you with just the right heater size for your needs.

ERXL tube heaters are designed to heat large open structures with high ceilings such as warehouses, service garages and aircraft hangars. Tube heaters have become the most popular choice for those wishing to enhance fuel savings as well as increase thermal comfort.

How do infrared tube heaters work?

Natural or propane gas enters a burner control box. When the thermostat is closed, a blower within the box turns on, the gas valve opens and a direct spark ignites the gas. A hot flame then shoots down a 4" diameter steel tube emitter until the tube itself gets hot. An optically designed reflector installed over the top of the emitter tube then reflects the radiant (infrared) energy downward toward floors, objects and people. Burners range in size from 20' to 60' and 60,000 to 175,000 BTU's. Any object in the line of sight of the heater will absorb, store and re-radiate the infrared energy to heat the surrounding air, just like the sun. The result is warmer floors, greater comfort levels and fuel savings of up to 50%.

Applications inlcude:

Auto Service Garages
Aircraft Hangars
Manufacturing Plants
Farm Buildings
Loading Docks
Outdoor Restaurants
Woodworking Shops
Car Wash Bays
and many others

ERXL tube heater features:

- Sealed burner control box.
- Outside or inside air for combustion
- Burner combustion air bypasses the control compartment, which increases life of controls.
- Made in the U.S.
- 16 ga. Aluminized steel tubing (no rust!).
- Stainless steel couplings, chrome plated hanging brackets and vent adapter included with unit.
- Multi-faceted polished reflectors for optimum reflective efficiency.
- Natural gas units include LP gas conversion kit.
- For commerical use only. Not for residential use.
- Easy to install.
- 24 volt or line voltage thermostat installation option.
- Burner site glass.
- Horizontal or 45 degree angle of reflectors.
- Limited 10-year warranty on all electrical components, burner and tubes.
- Actual heater length is 31'-4" from back of burner box to end of heater. Please ensure that you have enough room to accommodate heater length plus necessary space for gas hook-ups and flue run.
- Electrical - 120V - 60 Hz, staring current - 5.0 amps, running current - 1.0 amps.
- Gas supply - Natural Gas - Min 4.6" w.c. - Max 14.0 w.c. LP Gas Min 11.0" w.c. - Max 14.0 w.c.
- Flue connection - 4" (O.D.) Gas connection - 1/2 NPT

Because of the design variables and technical criteria involved, Heaters Unlimited (a.k.a. Infra-Red Products Supply, Inc.) offers complete design and application engineering at no cost to you. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-566-6893. We'll ask for information such as size of space, wall and ceiling insulation and type of building construction. From there we can estimate a heat load requirement and design a system appropriate for your space. A complete delivered price and a sketched layout can be faxed or e-mailed to you. Again, there is no charge for this service and you will know that you are getting the right system for your needs at an internet competitive price.

Note: ERXL tube heaters normally ship in just a few days. Allow up to 10 days for delivery. A flat shipping rate of $200 is automatically added in to the heater price at checkout. For multiple heaters, please call us at 800-566-6893. We're happy to provide design and application assistance, obligation-free of course. We're here to help!

IMPORTANT: ERXL tube heaters are not for residential use. For commercial use only or in high bay detached garages and shops. Consult with your local building official if you have any concerns. Heaters Unlimited accepts no responsibility for mis-use or mis-application of this heating appliance. We strongly urge you to employ the services of a qualified heating professional to ensure safe and proper installation and operation.


ERXL 30 Foot Gas Radiant Tube Heater

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