202SL Under Desk Portable Heater

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202SL Under Desk Portable Heater

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To make offices more comfortable and productive, the WorkWarmer is the ideal solution to personalized warmth. For two pennies an hour (based on local rates), these thin, lightweight wonders warm people and objects directly without having to heat the air in between.

WorkWarmer mounts easily out of the way to the inside of the desk well or cubicle, or can stand anywhere on its own feet. And because radiant heaters do not dry out the air, char particles or stir up dust or pollen, they do not accentuate allergies. With a surface temperature below 200 Deg.F and no exposed glowing elements, WorkWarmer heaters are safe to the touch.

Features and specifications:

- Controlled with its own On/Off switch
- Attaches to modesty panel of desk with velcro tape or can be used as portable on its own feet (as shown in photo)
- Indicator light and On/Off switch.
- Unique crystalline surface for maximum output of gentle radiant heating
- Thin and lightweight: 15" H x 22" W x 1" D
- Plugs into standard 120V outlet
- 170 Watts - Draws only 1.5 amps! This means it is safe and economical to leave on unattended. Alleviates concerns of employers whose employees bring their own personal heaters to work, sometimes leaving them on overnight, creating a fire hazard and increasing electrical bills by up to 9 times more.


202SL Under Desk Portable Heater

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